“Have You Set a Date Yet?”

We LOVE Summer. So a Summer Wedding It Had to Be! Personal Photo.

Mr. Pashmina and I went on our first date on my birthday. This sucks because it is BOTH my birthday and our anniversary on one day. I don’t like this for two reasons: #1. I usually go see my family in California around this time. Since my sister’s birthday is the day before mine so we usually take the two days and celebrate together. If Mr. Pashmina goes with me then it is great, but it isn’t always just us. And if Mr. Pashmina doesn’t go then I am without him for our anniversary. And if I decide to stay in NYC to be with him I feel as if I am missing out, and always miss my family. #2. I get one holiday when it really is two. Call me spoiled.

So when planning our wedding date I knew that this would be a big day for the two of us. We were going to celebrate this day over our current anniversary. When picking the day I wanted to avoid all existing holidays and family member’s birthdays. If we could avoid it there wouldn’t be any double celebrations this time!!

The second factor that I considered, which was SUPER important was school holidays. Since one of our families would be coming from the opposite coast, we wanted to make sure it would be practical for all children and parents to attend. Spring break, winter break, and summer break were the best choses. Next best would be the smaller three day weekends–but again these are usually holidays.

The third factor, we had to have an outdoors ceremony. This was the only thing I was dead set about. So that meant we needed a date that would be suitable for an outdoor ceremony.

And a fourth related factor, we wanted it to be bright, sunny and cheery. I HATE winter on the East Coast and spring time is so finicky with all the rain. So that left fall and summer. Mr. Pashmina and I LOVE autumn but we are so busy in October selling pumpkins at his family’s farm.

So summer it was meant to be. School doesn’t get out until late June. My work’s busy season isn’t finished until July 23rd. So the THE EARLIEST Saturday we could get married would be July 31st.

This would be the day! There aren’t any family or national holidays around this time. The season is just right. Everyone would have ample time to vacation afterwards in August. I love the way the sun sets in late summer, the colors, the flowers, the smells! It was all set! We had our day!!

How did you decide on your date?


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