Let’s Take a Moment to Introduce Ourselves

HELLO! I am so pleased to meet you.

Phew! It is soo good to get that off my chest. I mean, it has been a long time coming! I have been blogging for almost four months now, and I haven’t even officially introduced myself!

I’m Miss Cali Girl in NJ. As my nickname indicates, I am a California girl who currently resides in New Jersey. It has been almost five years since I moved from sunny Southern California to the East Coast. I thought I would be here just over a year, but then I didn’t know I would find the man of my dreams!

A Few Days Before Our Engagement - In the Philippines

Even though I long for the sleepy, beachy towns in California I have become much more of a city girl than I ever imagined. I forgo getting sandy and sweaty at the beach for trying to hail a cab while sprinting in high-heel boots. I work in New York City and I live a mile away in New Jersey. They call my people the bridge and tunnel rats, because we travel to the island of Manhattan by the Lincoln Tunnel or the George Washington Bridge.

I work at an arts education non-profit. It combines both of my interest: education and art. Nothing is more enriching than learning and teaching others, especially if it is connected to the arts. I am a painter with an undergraduate degree in Art History and Anthropology from UCLA. But enough about me…let’s talk about my man.

Mr. Cali Girl in NJ was born in NYC, Spanish Harlem to be exact. As a child he relocated to Northern New Jersey, specifically to an area called Little Manila. And as a second generation Filipino it was a fitting move! He is an IT specialist who loves gadgets, and all things technological. One thing you should know: he is the funniest person I have ever met. Oh, and about that…

We met in California through mutual friends. I was in finals, finishing up my last few weeks as an undergrad. When I moved to NYC three months later to attend NYU for grad school he took me out for my birthday–and it was magic! We instantly became inseparable!! After 6 months of dating we moved in together. After two years together we talked about getting married.

Then family tragedy happened: a family member got killed. And in the days following another family member made a bad decision. Quickly, my simple life got a lot more complicated. We decided not to get engaged until everything in my family got better. And when the clouds finally parted, Mr. Cali Girl was there waiting to propose.

Last April he got down on one knee. It was at our first stop on our first “real” date (the night he took me to his hometown and introduced me to his friends) which is at a scenic overlook on the bluffs of New Jersey. It was the first warm day of spring–80 degree weather to be exact! And it was the day I knew everything in my life was going to be okay. I was going to marry my soul mate!! The man I’ve known I wanted to marry since we first met! Life had finally worked itself out and it was time to focus on us. Time to reclaim my happy go-lucky, free-spirited adventurous spirit. It was time to become a bohemian bride!

I am excited about sharing my wedding ideas here! With a fifteen month engagement I thought I would have lots of time. But boy does time go by…


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