J-Crew Weddings: #1

After attending a bridal fitting at J-Crew, I came back with four favorite dresses. This is my #1 choice (I think) from the batch.

The Chiffon and Organza Dune Gown
1. Flow–It is made from amazing, fluffy fabrics. Pleats around the waist band add fullness which could be a lot of fun as I twirl on the dance floor.

2. Romantic–It is very feminine. The asymmetrical row of petals runs up the bust for added whimsy. Perfect for the gal who loves flowers and all things romantic.

3. Fancy–It is fancy enough that I would feel that it isn’t a dress I would wear everyday.

4. Destination Appropriate–It is perfect for an outdoor, destination wedding.


1. Fullness–It makes me look a little wide because of the flowy, fullness in the hips and bust. Doesn’t every bride want to feel slim!

If this dress was chosen it could dictate the theme of my wedding to embrace the pink, peach and deep rose colors. I would select ruffly flowers in pinks and peaches with sage green accents. Bridesmaids dresses in deep rose.

So what do you think, Boho Brides?


4 thoughts on “J-Crew Weddings: #1

  1. I tried on six J. Crew dresses today. Liz, the personal shopper, said she felt like I really had my heart set on this one and she was right. It made trying on the rest difficult at first. (note that the Dune Gown is on back order until June) I did try on two others that were the chiffon/organza blend and they drowned my small frame. I decide on a silk tricotine gown instead though I still need to sleep on it. I’m 5’2, 115 lbs. They’re all quite nice but trying on made a HUGE difference in what I thought were my favorites. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey Ms. Boho Bride! Stumbled upon your blog while researching (for work haha) …and I absolutely fell in love with it as we’ve got the same exact style =) I’m still years away from getting married, as my lovely bf and I are only in our early twenties but I’ll definitely bookmark this for future inspiration.

    And coincidentally, I’m Filipina haha. So I assure that you’ve made a good decision in getting yourself an amazing, respectful, family-oriented Filipino man! =) BTW, you look every bit the blushing bride–I wish you & your fiance all the best!

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