Oleg Cassini @ Dillard’s

I love Dillard’s. Even though Dillard’s isn’t in my neck of the woods (the closest one is in Virginia), I love the store. They have a HUGE dress section–in the Women’s Department as well as in Junior’s. This is the spot that an entire wedding could select dresses from the kids to the moms. Visiting my mom in Phoenix we always go and browse. Since wedding dresses are on the top of my to do list, I found one dress that I thought was great!

It was by Oleg Cassini–the name behind many of the top David’s Bridal dresses. The collection in Dillard’s is for the low key bride. A bohemian wedding dress is my mind is romantic, flowing, and relaxed. Everything this dress is and the kicker is that it is a mere $180. I know that it is a faux-pas to show your toes on your wedding day. But really, this dress is so sweet there could be an exception. I envision bridesmaids wearing crinkled chiffon black strapless dresses. Your groom in a gray suit with a slim black tie. Don’t you just love the rosette’s around the empire waist. The draping on the bust.


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