Wedding Palette – Ocean & Sunset

a happy palette

I am rethinking my wedding palette. Okay, I’m having a bit of a freakout moment. Selecting wedding colors has by far been the hardest thing to do (by a landslide). As of right now my wedding palette is: blush pink, peach, aqua and marigold (newly termed Vintage Beach).  Think sunny, beach, relaxed, happy, romantic.

artwork: vintage beach by orangetopatos

But should I refine it? I think it is difficult to find bridesmaid dresses of these colors that aren’t an arm and a leg (the closest matches are often called Papaya, Aqua, and Lemon and that is not it!). I really like the colors blush pink and navy together. This could be an exciting combo–only two colors (this is good) while capturing the feeling I want (this is great). But from the start of my wedding palette ideas peach was always involved (it was first amber, blush pink, and peach). I originally changed it because there wasn’t enough color (should I revert?).

these are the colors i love

Would blush pink, peach and navy be too odd? What about blush pink, teal, fushia, navy–just like the clothing line I loved last outing to Saks? It is a little more “dusty” and subdued (not so colorful, aka refined) but still Vintage Beach. I love chiffon navy dresses and these would be beautiful. Perhaps it will be based off of the vintage beach digital artwork I found while Googling “Vintage Beach”!

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