Whole Body

I am an avid reader of Martha Stewart’s magazines. A few years ago she began the magazine Body + Soul which totally speaks to my spirit with its mission on whole living. I love eating organic foods (they taste more like “real food”), learning about how to de-stress your life, finding out the latest fashion crazes that are good for you and environmentally responsible. I love leafing through Body + Soul at my weekly romps to Borders and Barnes & Nobles and so have begun to check it out online as well through Martha’s general site.

Yesterday I noticed an appealing article inviting you to join a community of people ready to reenergize through whole living. So I signed up and started on Body + Soul‘s Whole Body Action Plan. My plan is to get a wedding ready body–glowing, fit, ready for dresses and swimsuits. I figured this was a great way to help me with my goal. I got myself ready for four days of detox. I went shopping at Whole Foods for the next few days which consist of smoothies, homemade juices, and cold soups for breakfast and dinner (lunch includes eating from their list of acceptable foods). Breakfast went great until I got to work. My kale, mango, avocado, rice milk, coconut water, and ice smoothie was satisfactory but life without coffee made the day go drastically downhill. Lunch of broiled salmon, fennel, and green beans was yummy. But then I got a terrible migraine. Was I allergic to something? Was this withdraw? This is when the detox stopped. I couldn’t fathom drinking the beet, kale, carrot  juice I planned on squeezing later for dinner. Day 1 of the detox didn’t go so well. But really, two pureed drinks just may be too much. So should I go for Day 2 of the mostly liquid gruel?


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