Platinum Weddings – Mexico

I have transitioned from watching We’s “Bridezillas” to “Platinum Weddings.”  When I first got engaged I was obsessed with “Bridezillas.” It is a ridiculous show sold on the promising theme: brides-to-be who are self-centered and controlling will make for a fabulous reality show. I think this show appealed to me because it showed all my worst fears. It showed me how not to handle situations, how not to treat your family and friends, how not to be because, essentially, the brides ruin their own days. Now as I am closing in on the months until my wedding I am ditching the flurry of craziness for the calmness that is “Platinum Weddings.” I no longer want to think of the bad things that could happen, only the exciting things will happen on our day. Last night I watched Naomi & George’s platinum wedding in Mexico and loved the style of the wedding. It incorporated traditional Mexican culture and translated it to a glamourous affair. The bride could have been pulled directly out of a Frida Kahlo portrait: a steep peineta diamond comb sat perfectly on her head, her black hair parted and woven in braids, a row of red roses gradually decreasing in size wrapping from ear to ear around the nape of her neck. The ceremony was understated with logs acting as seats, traditional pillar candles at the ends of the rows. The guests followed the conch blowers down a path from the ceremony site into an amber lit cave for the reception dinner. Yes, a cave. How glorious it is to be a Platinum bride. No napkin out of place, no musician out of key, no bride running around screaming that it is her day. Check out more photos of the event on the website Tune in with me on Sundays at 9 pm!


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