SAJA – An Ethereal Dress

So the wedding dresses from Saja are still in the running. I am still on the hunt, don’t get me wrong. But the Saja’s strapless gown has officially become my top pick. It has everything I am looking for: beautiful drapery, empire waist, cream chiffon, and an ethereal, romantic, flowing bohemian style. My only hesitation: will it be dramatic enough? Will it make me feel special enough walking down the aisle? Does it need a little bit of a train? A little crystal accent on the satin ribbon? Or a ruffly flower enclosure? Something with these elements might be a bit more “bridal” but¬†then it wouldn’t have the effortless simplicity which I am also drawn to. It is something for me to think about.

I have my size written down on a card, the NYC headquarters 10 minutes away, and the option to order online. The great thing: it fits great. So I feel as if I have a little bit more time. No need to order it a year in advance, have three to four alteration fittings and be unhappy that it isn’t what I imagined.


2 thoughts on “SAJA – An Ethereal Dress

  1. I love this dress! I know what you mean about being bridal though. Although, I think there’s just no way for you NOT to look bridal on your wedding day. With your hair and make-up all done… you’re going to be stunning. And then there’s the bridal glow you’re sure to have.

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