“Neutral” Bridesmaid Dresses

How about a neutral colored bridesmaid dress–something hand selected by each of your girls? Finding dresses that fit each bridesmaid’s body type and in a comfortable price range is a real challenge! If the dress is on the cheap end–less than $50–then it is typically made for a lean, youthful frame and usually is really teeny tiny. If it is on the high end then it isn’t affordable–especially for bridesmaids that are already asked to travel for a destination wedding! And what if the dress will never be worn again. Is it over indulgent to ask your close friends to buy something that is probably felt to be “too fancy” or “not really my style”?

I am weighing the pros and the cons about offering up the option of asking my bridesmaid to choose a dress in a specific hue . The negatives are that you don’t have much control over what they wear–obviously–which translates to a *possible* loss of your vision. Bridesmaid dresses can really influence the feeling of the wedding. They can almost instantaneously inform your guests what type of wedding they will be attending–traditional, modern, casual, eclectic. So is the loss of your wedding’s theme worth the trade off of having your gals not look like soldiers, and more of a possibility that the girls will wear their dresses again?

When I see posts like the one of Jenn and Brad’s “Indie Wedding” from Ruffled of bridesmaid dresses similar in hue but ranging in styles, I think it is a fantastic idea! Long and flowy, short and sleek, urban chic, fancifully fun…it shows off each girl’s personality and it is a bit more relaxed then if they were in the same dress.

What it all boils down to:
1. uniform bridesmaid dresses
2. the girls in the same style dress but in complementing colors
3. bridesmaid dresses in one color but different styles
4. dresses in a range of colors but all of the same “theme”–chiffon fabric, flowy, bohemian


2 thoughts on ““Neutral” Bridesmaid Dresses

    1. That is so perfect. And want to know the crazy thing–I am going to be wearing this dress as a bridesmaid this summer. Good pick! I am sure my friend would think so too πŸ™‚

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