Jenny Yoo


For the holidays I am visiting Phoenix–a great place to plan weddings. One of my favorite things: unlike New York and New Jersey there is ample parking! And it is free–a crazy notion for anyone who has paid $7.75 per half hour to park in NYC!

Last September I visited Twirl and got interested in Jenny Yoo gowns. There was one there that caught my eye in particular–The Hannah. Jenny Yoo‘s gowns, or as she calls them “bridal alternatives” to wedding dresses, are great for the no-fuss destination bride.


Jenny Yoo’s dresses are great: simple, understated, clean, modern. I absolutely love her 2010 collection! It is as if they have gotten more refined and special. These are only available at her trunkshows and not in stores yet but some of my favorites are:

1.) The Tara. It has a beautiful bustled bow made out of taffeta that acn be tied in front or in back.

2.) The Mackenzie. Elegantly sweet with its heart-shaped neckline, asymmetrical gather, and fabric flower.

3.) The Riley. A scooped and scalloped bust makes this trumpet gown very beautiful.

I wasn’t yet ready to try on dresses my first visit to Twirl, but this time–now that I am no longer a novice–perhaps I will give them both a try!


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