D.I.Y. Letterpress Invitations

Yes, you heard that right — do-it-yourself letterpress invitations.

If you are a budget bride you may think your only options are thermography or printing your invitations using your computer’s inkjet printer. A new tool on the market is called L Letterpress Kit. This home craft tool makes impressions onto paper that traditionally must be done using an industrial size machine. After reading a bit about the L Letterpress Kit on Papercrave and DIY Bride, the reviews are mixed. The negatives mainly are that you can’t customize your work easily–you must use preset letters and designs– and that it takes practice to use. Well, starting in the next few months L Letterpress will offer the option for you to upload your custom design to create a custom plate. And, well, practice makes perfect with everything.

Why not use this machine to make those coveted letterpress relief wedding invitations for a fraction of the cost ($150 for the machine and with an A.C. Moore or Michael’s 50% off coupon only $75). If you are looking for a project to do at home, this might just be a good one. Similar letterpress invitations go for $500 for 50. And on my budget this option is completely unrealistic. Of course you would need to purchase the Everyday ($25) and/or the Wedding Printing Plates ($25) to complete your product as well as paper and envelopes ($30) upping the cost slightly.

If you like the look of letterpress but this is still to pricey–or unpredictable–get an embosser ($60) to put your monogram on your inkjet printer invitations.  Then continuing on to use your monogram on your other paper goods: favor tags, escort cards, etc.


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