A Bison Theme Wedding

Reed Saxon/Associated Press

One of the most unique features of Catalina Island is the hearty population of Bison. Originally brought to the island for the 1920s silent film “The Vanishing American.” By the 1960s the island had 600. Now they must control the population because they are disrupting the indigenous species and vegetation. The Catalina Conservancy has responded to the overpopulation by shipping the Bisonata (a breed that is part cow, part Bison) to South Dakota and injecting the females with egg blocking medicine. They choose to keep some around because they are now an icon of Catalina.

Last year while riding the ferry we approached the island and could see the Bison roaming the cliffs and canyons. It is almost magical to see the golden earth, dark brown Bison, dark green oak trees floating above beautifully bright aqua water.

It is magical. As a Central California girl, I love the ranch, the natural California landscape, the rugged cliffs and canyons. Should I use this rugged, shaggy animal as an iconic element in my wedding? It is a bit of an annoyance to the Islanders, but unique memory of the island…


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