Do It Yourself Wedding Invitation Boxes: Part I

How will you be sending your invitations out?

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is wrapping up gifts. Each year it is a different theme: homemade ornaments dangling from kitschy yarn, natural pressed flowers with hemp string, hand stamped butcher paper, velum paper to catch a glimpse of what is underneath.

Martha Stewart always inspires my gift wrapping

So why not incorporate this fun practice into the wedding invites? Why not enclose them in a box so people can unwrap them like a present? I’ve seen some fancy ones on posh invite sites. But, for me, this will have to be translated to a budget, d.i.y. project. wedding-invitations-box-691

In my initial search to find wedding invitation boxes, I ran into this post on Weddingbee (you have to check out how sumptuous hers came out). It gives you an idea about what to expect–and practical advice as  a do-it-yourselfer. Similarly this post has some really great tips for the newbie from a wedding invitation professional’s point of view.

Today I went looking for boxes at Paper Trade on Broadway on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. They had paper jewelry boxes (what they recommend for the budget conscious bride) but not in the right size (mostly for earrings).

One thing I am still deciding: I am not quite sure if I will use the wedding invitation box in place of the “outer envelope” with the invitation inside in an envelope — the box acting like a mailer — or if I will use the box as the envelope with just the invitation inside. I will most likely be using the A7 invitation so I will use the size of the “inner envelope” for this as the minimum needed. This means the box must be larger than 5 1/4 by 7 1/4.

Most box web sites have great colors but not the best range of sizes. I am hoping to find a peach, salmon, rose, marigold, or blush box. If I can’t find one of these colors in the right size then I will most likely get some great decorative paper from Kate’s Paperie and use spray adhesive on a common white box to add color.

Look for post “Part II” in the coming weeks to see how this project progresses!


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