BCBG New Boho Wedding Dress


This week I saw some new dresses at BCBG that could work really well as alternative wedding gowns. A little casual, a little elegant. One was a flowing chiffon dress in off-white (this one should have been my favorite, right?) and this one in tiered silk and lace.

The image of it on BCBG’s website is much more white than what I saw in the store. In person it looks much more antique and delicate. Both dresses were around $400 — this one almost $500 — but BCBG seems to always have discounts so perhaps it is possible to land a deal on one of these.

a bit less harsh white in person

One thought on “BCBG New Boho Wedding Dress

  1. I just love the tiered dresses! I have looked at several of these dresses in the “Great Search” for my wedding dress. I came across another BCBG dress that I LOVED, but of course they don’t make it anymore. Grrrrrr. It was very similar to this one except it was made from lace and tulle. Just georgeous! Thanks for posting the alternative picture of this one. It looks much more appealing!

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