Color Palette in Automatic Pilot

avalon-catalina-island How do you create your inspiration? A few weeks back when I was in color palette craze I was inspired by photos of my wedding site. With this application that I discovered while reading eLucky Me you can upload a photo and it will automatically generate swatches of the colors contained in the image.

It is so simple: upload photo, press “Create” and there you have it! A dozen or so colors matching your picture. The colors are “titled” with their color names, which really helps me conceptualize them. I mean, there is a big difference in “Bermuda Blue” and “Regal Blue” but I don’t think that I would be fully aware of this difference without them being named this.

So what colors make up this Avalon image? Monsoon (grayish purple), Big Stone (blueish grey), Cyprus (blueish green), Napa (khaki), horizon (dusty blue), Madras (cargo green), Hot Curry (yellow ochre brown)…the only bummer is that it didn’t capture any of the “Terra Cotta Red” in the picture. I wonder what it would title it.

Check out Big Huge Labs!!


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