Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress: A Lighter Shade

I love seeing pictures of weddings with the bridesmaid in shades of almost white — be it a darker, lighter, or in a soft color like shell pink. There is something so beautiful about a bunch of women in shades of white. One idea I am thinking about is telling the bridesmaids to come in a cream colored dress in a short style (so to stand out as a bride in a longer dress). Or how about one of these shade of white dresses?

Image from Sarah Sevens.
Image from Shop Ruche.
Image fom Calypso St. Barths
Image from J Crew.
Image from Calypso St. Barths.
Image from J Crew.
Image from 100 Layer Cake.


5 thoughts on “Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress: A Lighter Shade

  1. Some of the pictures are clickable….the third from bottom and third from top are both Calypso St. Barths. Calypso is resort wear made from the best fabrics. The third from bottom was on sale at the time…I don’t see it still listed but see if there is anything else you like BTW: if you live in the NYC area they have a outlet store which has all the final sale stuff. Some of the clothes fit beautifully and are jaw dropping…others (like the iowa dress) seem to flatter no one. So watch out a bit!!

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