No “Save the Date” on Your Save the Date?

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My wedding save the dates do not contain any of these words: “save the date,” “mark your calendar,” “join us,” “hold the day” not even “wedding” or “celebration.”  As my glorious designer/printer/bridesmaid, Alana Bailey of Alana Bailey Brand, noted, “I’m so glad you’re not the type of bride that has to write ‘Save the Date’.”

But should I have been?

The only text on the card is the date of our wedding, the name of the island we are getting married on, and the url of our wedding website. But will people get it???

Initially I had no hesitation. We are distributing the cards to less than a hundred people, mostly very close friends and family. “Of course they will get it!” They will see our names, which is also are website url, and go to the site for more information. It is there that they will find loads and loads of “save the dates,” “please join us for our wedding,” etc.

Now that the save the dates are in the mail, I am beginning to wonder if people will go to the site (especially if the individuals are older and less computer compulsive). So we will see. It will be an experiment to see if there is confusion, hesitation, bewilderment. So far we’ve had one response to the save the date, “the website is HOT!” And I have noticed it has been accessed 5 times since yesterday. All good signs!!


2 thoughts on “No “Save the Date” on Your Save the Date?

  1. I’m sure people have been waiting anxiously for it so will get it. We didn’t put our last names on our save the dates. So when people we haven’t talked to in awhile didn’t contact us after receiving their’s, we started thinking they didn’t know who we were. Oh well. It happens.

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