In the Mail! On their Way!

I just sent out the first batch of Save the Dates! Yes!!

After what feels like months of collecting addresses, I finally made it to the post office. Truthfully, I had been imagining this day for the last three months. And at the time it really felt anticlimactic but it really was an accomplishment! Yes, it was asking people for their addresses, copying addresses from holiday cards, and Facebooking messages but it was more than that. It was a test of my patience!!! I decided to wait until I had a good solid batch to send out. This was the difficult part.

USPS Lincoln Square, NYC

I didn’t want to send out any cards until the bulk of them were addressed and ready to go. I feared that one person in the family would get theirs and bring it up to another family member and then that person wold think, “where is mine?”  So I waited. I am not sure if this was the right decision because in actuality I doubt this would happen. But still, I didn’t want my fiancee’s aunts receiving theirs weeks apart.

Now they are out of my hand and traveling the world — well the United States. Travel safely my little, rectangular, vessels…go spread the word.


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