Boho Makes a Decision – And The Winner Is…

I finally decided on my color theme and palette. One draw back of loving lots of styles, and especially mix-n-match styles, is that it can lead you down a path of indecision and infinite possibilities.

So last week I put my foot down and said enough is enough. It is not the last party that I am going to plan!  It is does not mean that I favor one color combination above all other glorious color combinations!  No!  It is just choosing one option among many, many beautiful options. This is how I ultimately made the decision…

I made a file on my computer with my favorite pictures that captured a color theme-vibe-style I liked. I asked my fiance  which one he liked best. And this is what he chose:

Image from Once Wed.

It took him less than a minute. And a easy going, “I like the succulent one.” My reply, “So you want to go with that for our wedding?” And his (this is why I am marrying him) easy going response, “Yeah, I like that. I like the succulents and the colors. Why not…”

So our colors will be peaches and pinks with hits of blueish greens. If you are a color enthusiast like me this translates to blush pink, soft peach and rose with nostalgic hints of sage, olive, aquas and marigolds. The feeling of a breezy, summer beach day…Oh, and I have to warn you that my favorite color–soft coral–is bound to get involved too!

Image from Once Wed.

As for my theme it is all based on Catalina Island. A little bit ranch, a little bit beach. I definitely want to incorporate the vibe of the picture of the flowers above. It is very boho-chic and that is very much me! I love the natural, the organic, and the earthy elements that the image captures. Nature is so beautiful. It need not be overworked!

So if you have any ideas on how to incorporate the natural beauty of the landscape — a landscape dotted with succulents, Island Grey Foxes, Bison, and rugged coastlines– add a comment!

Image from Flickr: Si1very's photostream.

It’s time to get started!


6 thoughts on “Boho Makes a Decision – And The Winner Is…

  1. That is really beautiful inspiration. I especially love your first succulent-orchid combo. It really is going to be stunning! I love how you say that this doesn’t mean that you love this color combo above all others and that this is certainly not the last party you’ll plan. Maybe another fave color combo for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Congratulations on the color choice!

  2. I love love love these colors…what kind of flowers are not knowledgeable about flowers at all. but i do love these…ugh it must be wonderful to be creative…i definitely am not!!

    1. Robin, The sage colored one is a succulent called echeveria, the middle one an orchid, and the white one is (i think) a chrysanthemum. Weddings are so fun because with all this research you make urself more creative. It is such an exciting time. Good luck!

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