Favorite J-Crew Dresses

I would love to find a dress under $1,000. I would prefer even less. As a self-proclaimed bohemian bride I don’t care much for the tag attached.

My first inclination was to go to J-Crew. I love their relaxed, Americana style. When I first got engaged I mistakenly thought that the “W” on their store locator site meant “Weddings”.


My sister, mom and I strolled in to the store and looked around. After a while I asked the clerk, “Where are your wedding dresses?” Her response, “They are online. We don’t carry them in any stores. You have to order them.” Oh!

So the only drawback is that they do not have a store where you can try on gowns, change, try on more gowns, change, be surprised, etc. Everything must be paid for in advance, shipped, tried on, then shipped back. The affordability becomes even more important if you hope to try on multiple gowns.

So here are my favorite J-Crew dresses that are under $1,000 (many more towards the $500 mark):

Sophia $395
Sabine $695

Goddess $450


Esme $795
Confetti $995
Tatiana $750


Penelope $695

What is your favorite out of the 7?

I am looking for a causally elegant gown. Something that could be used as a good base for a personalized, wedding style. Add a comment, Boho Brides!