A Wedding Dress Search – Kleinfeld’s Update

Last weekend my mom and I went to Kleinfeld’s — the wedding dress megastore in Manhattan. It was really fun, but a little awkward. I recognized my attendant from TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress!” IMG_0697She did a wonderful job, totally getting my love for the Grecian, flowing chiffon dresses and an hour and a half into it she began to bring out some really fun alternate dresses. 

Vineyard's "Chelsea" gown

One unexpected pick was a v-neck wrap dress (held together by a beautiful broach) with the a-line skirt made up of feathers. Another was a Vineyard empire gown with 3-D textured ruffled petals on the bodice. It made me feel very lean with its long lines.

I am now a ready to begin being a little more aggressive with my wedding gown search. Before I thought I had a lot of time. Now, with only 9 months left until the wedding, the specialists say that this is just about right to order a gown without putting in a RUSH order. So Saja, Nicole Miller, WTOO…here I come! 

Thanks again to Kleinfield’s for giving me an opportunity to try on some great dresses I only had seen in the magazines. Kleinfeld’s has amazing window displays. My mom and I loved the airy, bird-theme one currently being shown on 20th Street. See it today!!IMG_0693


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