Selecting Wedding Colors — From Wheat & White to ROYGBVI

I am getting closer to deciding on my wedding color palette. Well, closer, to me, means a few more inches in opposite directions. I keep telling myself “Come on already! Almost everything is dependent upon it!” Can I not just choose the standard two colors and be done with it? Not without a little more consideration. 

Color Palette #1 — Wheat & White
There is something so beautiful and natural about this color combo. It feels effortlessly elegant and it would be easy to stick with. Key words: Earthy, California, Natural Beauty. But would I miss playing with color? I just might…


Color Palette #2:  Sunset, Succulent, and Ocean
Hues of peaches, corals, blues, greens reflecting the beach cottage feel of summer. Happy, whimsical, and relaxed.



Color Palette #3: Herbal — Sage, Lavender, Yellow
Nothing is more romantic than the smell of herbs, the feel of herbs, the taste of herbs. 


Color Palette #4: California Bungalow
Hibiscus orange, bougainvillea red, italian pine, and sky blue. I am thinking a summer picnic from the Farmer’s Market (strawberries and wildflowers). 

diy-boutonnieres16a00d83451e44269e20120a5248fa5970c-800wiColor Palette #5: Peach, Blush, Champagne
When first thinking of my wedding I wanted a romantic glow of candlelight. These are the colors I imagined.

Help me choose my colors, Boho Brides. What color palette most inspires you the most? 

my wedding: california’s catalina island

4 thoughts on “Selecting Wedding Colors — From Wheat & White to ROYGBVI

  1. I think you’re right. You’ll miss playing with color. With catalina island, I think the corals and pink hues would bring alot of romance to the natural look already there. I think it’s interesting that you’re not including burgundies for some reason. When I think of what you’re bedroom looked like in college, I think burgundy. Wait… was that because that was the color of your comforter? haha

  2. Okay! The girl in the orange/cream dress that almost looks like dripping paint, DO YOU KNOW WHERE THAT DRESS IS FROM? I am getting married 10/01/11 and would love for my bridesmaids to where that! Let me know! 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs Pashmina! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I want a Boho wedding too. That’s why I’m here! I’m a Filipino too. It’s good to know that eventhough you didn’t go for the traditional Filipino wedding (which is obviously a lot more expensive) you still embraced our culture. 🙂

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