Shoe-tastic Tuesday

Yesterday while at Kleinfeld’s I overheard a group of women talking about wedding shoes. The half-a-dozen Long Island ladies all agreed: it would be chunky sneakers. To them they were perfect. You could dance comfortably, not worry about walking down the aisle, and the best part would be lifting up your skirt during the garter toss–there they would be–CHUNKY SNEAKERS! The ladies were all very cute in their unwavering, unison, devotion to the shoe. It got me thinking, what would my wedding shoe be?  

I don’t really like sneakers. They are just not really me. I attempt to like them with my high top black Converses and my cream organic hemp Simples, but I don’t wear them unless I need to. And this often translates into lots of walking = must wear something comfortable = damn NYC. To me, sneakers are better left to the gym. This is where they can truly shine and be worn in all their glory.

I love sandals, I love heels, and nothing makes me feel sexier than my boots. But for my wedding day…? I need something that would make me feel unique, beautiful, and stunning on my wedding day. 

So here is my attempt at posting a shoe journal. I will try to post these periodically so when the day comes to buy I will have some source material of what I like. Perhaps then I will know my what my “chunky sneaker” will be.

#1: A perfectly generous bow

What are your favorite wedding day shoes?


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