The Bouquet Toss: A “To Toss” Wedding Tradition?

I recently was reading the blog Weddings, Yes Please! and it got me thinking. Is the tossing of a bride’s bouquet really as hated as it portrayed these days. In theory, yes, it is not the most empowering for your female attendees.

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You never want anyone at your wedding to feel they as if they should be waiting, and hoping, to one day get married (like you). But what about astrology, numerology, the lottery…aren’t these popular for a reason? Don’t we all sort of like predicting the future? Don’t we always wonder if a random event means something more?

I always have always joined in for the bouquet toss. I have never really minded it, and (somewhat) enjoyed it. Perhaps this is due to the wedding reception being mostly a passive event. Dare I say it? …sometimes they are a bit boring! Even watching the toss is a bit amusing for the crowd. We have the older ladies vexing for the bouquet, the young girls just wanting to join in with the game, and the young women trying their best to steer clear of the bouquet all together.

What’s your stance on the bouquet toss? Antiquated? Lighthearted? Tacky?


One thought on “The Bouquet Toss: A “To Toss” Wedding Tradition?

  1. This made me think more. You know why I feel weird? It’s when I have a partner there. It’s like you’re suppose to hide the fact that you want to be married or are waiting or wanting a proposal. I totally agree with you that most wedding receptions are kind of boring and forgettable. I’ll ABSOLUTELY try to catch the bouquet at your wedding though 😉

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