Wedding Flowers – Artsy, Organic, Fresh!

Wedding flowers take up way too much of my time. I think my passion for flowers comes from my mother. On all of her days off from work she would go to the nursery for new plants to tend to. We always had the most beautiful garden on the block. 

flowersA white picket fence, climbing star jasmine, sprawling garden roses, brick walkways lined with jacaranda trees. It was all so…lush. 

For my wedding I want this childhood memory wrapped up with a velvet ribbon and an antique handkerchief. However, there is just one or two difficulties with this lovely scenario. 

#1 We are getting married on a small island and there aren’t many options. #2 We don’t have much money (isn’t this always the case). So what is a girl to do?

I have looked into buying flowers from an online bulk flower service but will the flowers arrive on time and in good condition? Should I hire the one florist on the island that looks, well, decent? What is better, relying on your taste and an unreliable supplier or hoping that the one florist on the island is just right for you?


One thought on “Wedding Flowers – Artsy, Organic, Fresh!

  1. Ohh.. those are beautiful. And that’s a toughy situation you’re in. My instinct is to say bring the flowers out there yourself, but that seems risky too. Maybe just talk to their florist and have him/her send pictures of their work from previous weddings to see the quality of the flowers. And maybe having your talented mom DIY just your bridal bouquet or something like that.

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