Making Your Own Save the Dates

When I first became engaged I daydreamed of sending out announcements to our friends and family asking them to “Save the Date” for our wedding. I quickly went to Zazzle, an online web site offering hundreds of customizable products, to play around with their postcard template. Oh, and let me say this up front, I am not posting this here because I am excited about sending them out, because I won’t be using this design, but because Zazzle is a great site to use for creative, cheap invitations (50 for $35.00).

posterBefore we decided on a date, or confirmed a venue, I began planning my save the dates inspired by this wedding poster (left). I loved the casual tone and Western theme of the invite “starring” the bride and groom-to-be. One of my running ideas was getting married at a vineyard in the rolling hills of Santa Barbara. A weekend filled with horseback riding, wine tasting, and camping at the beach. This invite captured the fun and rustic charm of the wedding I envisioned. 

zazzleSo here is how I went about creating these save the dates (above). Since the main feature of this postcard is text the style of font was what occupied most of my time. Zazzle features a bunch of fonts to choose from and I love using print and script fonts so this became more of a feature than in the original wedding poster. I used Vineta BT to capture the western “movie poster” feel and Montery to add a little fanciness to our names.

The Zazzle color palette offers a decent range of hues but if you, like me, crave more options just Google “hex color codes” and you will be taken to a color chart to choose from. Since you have the ability to enter in any hex color code into the Zazzle palette, just copy one of these color codes to quickly get Zazzle to use your perfect color. Click here to see the range of blues I chose from for my background. 

Paper has been really inspiring me lately! And if I am excited about these save the dates that will not be printed then you can only imagine how excited I am about our official the save the dates. They are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and it is only with the help of the majorly talented designer Alana Bailey that they are coming into existence (yes, they are getting made as I write). I can’t wait to share these with you in the coming weeks! Have a good monday, boho brides.


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