Welcome to The Bohemian Bride, an online resource for the free-spirited bride.

This blog is about sharing wedding-related discoveries as I plan my own big day. I plan to document my own decision making process and post highlights from sites I find along the way. Please journey with me as my wedding evolves and my diy projects take shape!


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hellow fellow Boho Bride! =)
    I stumbled upon your site from some links here and there while i’m rummaging to find my own boho gown yet. Oh, finding your site is a breather you see…:)
    And though I don’t wanna panic yet, our wedding is 5months to go, i am not giving up yet on that gown to be. Teehee!

    Anyway, I’m a Filipina bride based in Singapore now, i read that ur husband is a Filipino which is great to know. 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration you’ve written all over here…I luv ur ideas very much!
    Will be visiting perhaps here and now.

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