Boho Magazine – A New American Spirit

Hello Saturday!

Boho Mag

One of the things I love to do on weekend mornings is grab a cup of coffee and head over to the local bookstore to read magazines. This morning my eyes landed on one that practically screamed from the shelf, “Read Me!” It is called Boho Magazine – A New American Spirit. Printed on recycled, textured paper it immediately appealed to my senses. The magazine highlights style, beauty, and green living. A gorgeous model wearing an emerald green shirt, cascading necklace, and wind tossed hair beautifully conveys the feeling of fall.  One of the first pages that I turned to was “Are You a Boho?”  which made me smile thinking of my earlier blog post. And in the “Boho Girl” section the categories include “world changers”, “earth angels”, “daydream believers”. These categories capture the femininity, courage, and independent free-spirit of my Boho Bride. As a quarterly magazine I will be eagerly awaiting Boho Mag’s next issue. Check it out for your self, Boho Girls!


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